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For your and our staff Health & Safety, we have introduced the following measure in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • We will not be accepting walk-in appointments at this time. Please booking online, contact us for reservation 02038874177,


  • To respect the social distancing rules, we will be limiting the number of people on the premises. As such, we would appreciate that you do not bring your children/friends to wait with you during this time.


  • On arrival, we will kindly ask you to sanitise your hands, wear face mark and spray your shoes with alcohol spray before stepping in the premises.


  • We will kindly ask you to fill in “Health Declaration Form” before having any treatment with us for both your and our staff Health & Safety.


  • All staff, we will be wearing appropriate face shield during the treatment. Also, we will be cleaning and sanitising their station after each and every client.

  • We will not be able to provide you hot tea and water after massage as usual. We kindly recommend you to please bring your own drinking water with you if necessary.


  • If you show signs of coughing, shortness of breathe or illness, we might have to stop the treatment and will delay your next appointment for 14 days. Please do not be offended if we turn you away.


We ensure to keep our environment as safe as possible for both you and ourselves.


Thank you for your co-operation. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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