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The Deep tissue massage will benefit you by applying pressure and an intensive manipulation technique enough to provide relief. Muscles are warmed up and the focus area that needs it will receive a deeper pressure. It is the quickest way to deal with muscular tension and feel immediate relief.

(Office Syndrome recommendation)


  1hr £65,  1.5hr £90,   2hr £115

A unique blend of assisted yoga with passive stretching techniques. Traditional Thai massage is known for its ability to clear the energy pathways, releases tension, increases vitality, flexibility and free the mind, body and spirit.

(This treatment with out oil)

  1hr £60,  1.5hr £85,  2hr £110

An ancient Thai technique using stretching and pressure along the body's energy pathways to improve circulation, posture and flexibilty.

(This treatment with oil)

45min £55,  1hr £60,  1.5hr £85,  2hr £110

This treatment combines various oriental massage techniques and using the essential oils that are tailored to promote a relaxation of the body, mind and spirit, The pressure is customised to suit individual needs with aroma scents to enhance well being and promote a feeling of wellbeing.


1hr   £65,    1.5hr £90,    2hr £115

A traditional Thai herbal therapy to soothe tense, stiff muscles. This healing treatment begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal poultice, which contains a variety of Exotic Thai herbs and spices. A full body massage.

  (Price include new herbal compress to take home)

1.5 hr  £105,   2hr £135

This treatment begins with a full body cleanse to prepare the skin for a ritual massage. During the ritual massage warm basalt hot stones are placed on the body to relax the muscles and renowned for its protective, healing qualities and helps to relieve stress, release toxins, lower blood pressure and promote optimum health


1hr £69,  1.5hr £99,   2hr £125

An ancient therapy that has its roots in reflexology - linking zones on the feet to specific parts of the body to help alleviate pain, tension and inflammation.


30min £45,   45min £55,   1hr £65

Relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as dry skin, aching muscles and fluid retention. Using a unique massage technique the therapy relieves aching backs and soothes swollen legs. The body is left feeling lighter, smoother and more relaxed. Regular treatments can combat pregnancy fatigue, boost circulation and prevent stretch marks. (Minimum 4 mounts)


1hr £69, 1.5hr £99

Help to exfoliate the skin in different parts of the body to cause new skin cell turnover. Replace old dead skin cells the result will help your skin look radiant, soft and reduce the problem of clogging of dirt in the pores.


1hr £85

This unique treatment uses high-potency minerals and a blend of native Thai herbs to deep cleanse the skin and eliminate impurities. The treatment centres around the ritual application of Detox Clay Mask to tone, hydrate, purify and firm. A gentle massage with aroma oil to boost the circulation and leave you revitalised.


1hr £75, 1.5hr £105



Dear Valued Customer



Royalty Package  £500

discount 10% Now only £450


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Siam Zenith Spa & Beauty would like to take this opportunity to

Thank you for your ongoing custom and loyalty.

We provide facials for all skin types and aspire to complete your beauty goals using Thai massage technique for unique skincare methods; Cleansing, Aromatic, Anti-Ageing, Lifting, Radiating, Correcting and even a bespoke customised and tailored option to make sure your skin luxuriously nourished and

hydrated with the results you want. (for men and women)


45 mins £60, 1hr £75

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